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David Doyle is a versatile and talented performer. A veteran entertainer, he has enchanted audiences across the East Coast for over a decade with his unique displays of fire performing, escape artistry, stilt walking, acrobatics, geek shows and children’s comedy shows. David has performed in a variety of venues, including Congressional picnics, grand openings, non-profit benefits, private country clubs, and more. He now performs along side Gary Jackson in several unique shows including a Little Tipsy – an exciting Acrobatics and Geek Show, and S.M.E.L.L. U. – their Jester show for children. He was a founding member of Steel Town Fire and the Pittsburgh Fire Arts community and continues to jump in the fire when possible.

Christian Tsu-Raun: I was first introduced to the fire community by my sister, who bought me a ticket to the WildFire retreat in Connecticut. I have a martial arts background, and had taken some dance, and she thought I’d have fun. I took to it like a duck to water. Suddenly I knew this community of cheerful, respectful, incredible performers who taught me – first and foremost – how not to seriously hurt myself. My main and favorite tool is the fire dart, based on the rope dart from chinese kung fu. As a weapon it’s unpredictable, lightning fast, and terrifying. On fire it’s about the same. I feel more intimate with the rope dart than with other tools. Sometimes it has a mind of its own. There’s an element of unpredictability to the way it bounces back when you cast it out, and It’s flexible so you can’t just strongarm it into being where you want it to be. You do the only thing you can, move with the dart, bend with the rope, dance with the fire. It’s a dance, there are two partners. One of them just happens to be soaked in gasoline.

My sister is now part of a stage/street performance troupe in New Orleans, and I have Steel Town Fire. I think we’re both pretty lucky, we joined the circus!

Jessica Kaushansky

Past Safeties include Kate Mossburg-Schall, Jason Buzon.

Steel Town Fire was a natural extension from the Pittsburgh Fire Arts community, a group of fire lovers who continue to be an important part of our growth and enjoyment of these arts.

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