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Erin Dougherty has been learning and exploring fire dancing for over a year, first becoming aware of fire spinning and the fire arts while living in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2006. She began studying poi from one of the members of Steel Town Fire, first learning the basics of movement and coordination, and quickly became addicted to the meditative quality of the art. Erin is fascinated with different styles of dance from Africa, Puerto Rico, Britain, and other parts of the world and intends to incorporate these dance styles into her fire performances. She can perform with poi, snakes and fans, choosing a particular fire toy to suit a piece of music or dance style.

2 thoughts on “Erin

  1. hi pitt I’m looking for ppoi pots spinning staffs ect….for tonite!!! please call! 832 492 1953 or 724 352 1745 local…….thanks! jody…..

    1. go on facebook to find the group pittsburgh fire arts. you will be notified of all public fire jams. Also, Pittsburgh Flow Arts. There is a weekly spin jam held in Frick Park. I’ve been out of commission locally until September and can’t attend any jams or meet-ups, but there will be people setting up jams that you can get in on the action with. Have fun. Hope to met you soon! Vicki

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