Steel Town Fire is an eclectic and innovative fire performance troupe, intent on the balance between inner fire and universal flow through conscious creativity, intuitive energy and visual engagement.

In 2006, a small group of people began congregating in Frick Park to share their enthusiasm for fire-spinning. Over the course of several years, this developed into the thriving Pittsburgh Fire Arts Community. In 2009, they began receiving small opportunities to perform, including weddings, community festivals and private parties. It was then that Steel Town Fire grew out of the pyre.

Since their humble beginning, Steel Town Fire has grown to be a strong force in the East Coast fire spinning scene. Performing collectively with organizations such as the Cultural Trust, the Children’s Museum and Pyrotopia, Steel Town Fire has honed their skills into awe-inspiring and thrilling performance for an audience of all ages.

Steel Town Fire’s future endeavors include incorporation as a non-profit performance organization, aligning with charity organizations, particularly those that help youth and adults through the grieving and recovery processes. We believe that dance, fire, and flow are poignant ways to access the deepest healing centers in oneself, and many of us have experienced the healing power of this art first hand.

Steel Town Fire uses dance and skilled manipulation of fire props including poi, staff, fans, hoop, scimitar and more. Performances have included First Night Pittsburgh, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s gallery crawl, and other private and public engagements. STF is currently the cornerstone for theatrical fire performances in Pittsburgh, and educates regularly through formal classes, informal jams, and fire safety training.

Steel Town Fire is able to adapt performances to indoor and outdoor spaces, and frequently create new works to fit an event’s overall theme. Safety is of key importance to the group, and we work with venues, presenters, local fire marshalls and our staff safeties to ensure that each performance meets our personal criteria for safety while complying with permitting and regulations. Steel Town Fire performers are all individually insured through Specialty Insurance or American Fire Arts, and our staff safeties have been trained rigorously in preparation to assist with safety needs during each show.

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